Soapstone Trail

Okay, so after all these years of exploring Rock Creek Park on foot and horseback, I truly believed I knew every inch of it. So, how is it that I missed one of the prettiest and quietest connector trails in the park? We stumbled upon this trail one weekend, as we took advantage of a misty, overcast March day to get some exercise, walk the dogs and explore the muddy trails.

This well-marked trail winds downhill for approximately .09 miles, meandering above and along a wide, rocky creek. The trail crosses water several times, before spitting you out on Broadbranch Road in Rock Creek Park, just before the intersection with Beach Drive. Being March, the leaves were still off the trees so it was possible to see the apartment buildings and grand homes that line the trail high above. Further down the trail, Hillwood Estate lies to the south and what I believe was once a Rockefeller Estate (and maybe still is) lies to the north. I can only imagine how much more peaceful this trail must feel in the summer, when the leaves obscure the city and one feels far removed from the bustling traffic all around.

Directions: We accessed the Soapstone Trail from Albemarle Road in NW Washington, less than 1 block east of Connecticut Avenue.