Horseback riding in DC?

The Rock Creek Park Horse Center is one more reminder of the incredible outdoor opportunities that lie in the heart of Washington D.C.

One need only go 1/4 mile off bustling Military Road to find the well-maintained, expansive facilities of the horse center. The barn, managed by a dedicated staff of volunteers and employees, is filled with horses and ponies all with individual personalities. A stroll through the aisles takes one away from the craziness of our town for a bit.

Rock Creek Park Horse Center offers group trail rides, group lessons, private lessons and private boarding. It also offers a range of programs for children - Mommy and Me classes and a terrific summer camp. All of these offerings make the horse center a very special place. But for me, the best part of the barn is its proximity to the vast network of equestrian trails within Rock Creek Park itself.

Despite riding here for over 35 years, I am still amazed at how the park always feels like an adventure every time I head out. I love to think about how the park has evolved over the years, how it shaped Washington as a city — as both a great divider as well as a great unifier - and who might have stomped on these trails before us. What did the park look like during the Civil War? Before the days of Olmsted, the park's chief architect? Before the trees, when it was vast acres of farm land?

Experiencing Rock Creek Park is always a true adventure, no matter your mode of transportation. But to explore the park on horseback is an especially unique opportunity. And Rock Creek Park Horse Center makes this possible. Well worth a visit to this very special place.

Rock Creek Park Horse Center is truly a gem in our nation's capital. Deep in the woods of Rock Creek, you can find peace in the company of horses and those who love them.

Getting There: The stables are located in Washington D.C. on Glover Road, just off Military Road, adjacent to the Rock Creek Park Nature Center. For more information, visting hours and schedules check out their website: