Hill Training

My husband is passionate about climbing big mountains. Unfortunately for him, we live in Washington, D.C. not typically renowned for its high elevation and altitude training.  As such, he is always searching for unique ways to train outdoors and make the best use of the natural resources in our backyard.

One of the most efficient and effective routines is interval training on local hills.  One of his favorites is Battery Kemble Park, located off Chain Bridge Road in NW Washington, wedged between MacArthur Blvd and Loughboro Road.  It is only 125 feet high, but despite being little, it is relatively steep. In only 30 minutes one can get in a pretty great work out with dogs and children in tow.

It may look like a piece of cake, but run it up and down 10 times, at least once/twice a week, and you will soon come to realize the benefits…quads, calves and lungs all get a pretty great work out.  It may not be as good as running up the trails of Mt Elbert in Colorado, but it’s not so bad for local and sea level – and a lovely oasis right in the middle of the city.

It is also one of the hands-down BEST sledding hills when big snow comes to Washington!

 Directions: Enter the Park from Chain Bridge Road (marked below).  Take the dirt road to the bottom and you will find a large parking area.  Park anywhere and start running up that hill in front of you!

View Battery Kemble Park in a larger map.