A Different Kind of Summer

In the Summer of 2010, I packed up the dogs and the boys the day school ended and headed West. At the time, I was home with the boys and had the luxury of having this summer free.  I desperately wanted to break routine and do something different -make the most of it. Driving across country and seeing parts of the United States I had never seen seemed like a perfect fit.... Read More

Teddy Roosevelt Side Trail

This rocky, windy, hilly, root-strewn, singletrack trail connects Broadbranch Road with the Rock Creek Park Valley Trail. Its brevity belies its beauty as I find it be one of the most peaceful, interesting, historic and scenic trails to run in the park. And I am not alone — despite having never crossed paths with another soul on this trail, much has been written about it. ... Read More

Gold Mine Trail

Looking for something different to do on the weekend? Look no further than the Gold Mine Trail in the C&O Canal National Historic Park. We stumbled upon this trail recently, and despite having run parts of it before, I am not sure I knew exactly where I was when I did so. I DEFINITELY was not aware of the history behind this wooded area. ... Read More